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Achieve fluency in Spanish

Communicate with natives, advance your career, and sharpen your mind. 

(Even if you are brand new to Spanish, took a course many years ago but forgot everything, or have had several attempts to learn it!).

Our online tutoring services involve:

High standards, professional tutors

We’re committed to offering you high-quality Spanish tutoring services at fair prices. To do so, we keep improving ourselves, our systems, and our methods.

Fit learning into your busy schedule

Our booking system lets you easily fit learning into your schedule. Choose a slot that best suits your availability.

Speak Spanish fluently and confidently

Conversation Classes

Practice your Spanish at ease, in a “safe” environment, and with a native professional tutor.

✓Real conversations and dialogues ✓ Interesting topics ✓ Effective feedback ✓ Focus on fluency and accuracy ✗ No grammar lessons.

Guided Lessons

Get a strong understanding of the language and speak Spanish fluently and confidently.

✓ High-quality learning material  ✓Focus on grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary ✓ Effective feedback ✓ Follow-up.

Spanish for Travelers

Get ready for your next trip to a Spanish-speaking country.

✓Simple conversations based on real-life settings ✓ High-quality learning material ✓Specific grammar and vocabulary ✓ Effective feedback ✓ Follow-up.

I’m very satisfied with the course. We have fun while learning together. We do various exercises, and learn about grammar and vocabulary.


I have been a student for a short period and my impression is very positive. Bárbara is easy to understand, good at explaining and gives measurable results. I will definitely continue with the Spanish course.


Bárbara is nice, committed, and a skilled teacher. The lessons are well prepared, and the teaching is varied and good. I like that we get to speak a lot in Spanish and get feedback on pronunciation.


I have had the pleasure of having Bárbara as my teacher. She is very good, very nice, and teaches you the language in a great way. She teaches you to speak correctly and use the language, which is very important and valuable.