Here’s The Perfect Solution If You Want to Speak Spanish Fluently

If you’re learning Spanish or planning to do so, here, you’ll know what actually works — and what is probably the perfect solution — to speak Spanish fluently.

Want to Speak Spanish Fluently? Hire a Spanish Tutor!

Hiring a one-on-one or one-on-two Spanish tutor is hands down, the best way to speak Spanish fluently and confidently.

I’m talking about a tutor that makes learning fun, effective, and efficient, and that makes you excited to learn Spanish (again)!

Why hire a Spanish tutor?

Hiring a Spanish tutor is the perfect solution if you want to gain a lot of confidence using the language. But what exactly do you learn with a Spanish tutor?

  • How to improve your Spanish pronunciation. A professional Spanish tutor shows you precisely what to do to sound more like a native.
  • How to build your vocabulary — and improve all aspects of your Spanish.
  • Understand grammar rules. Get the best answers to the most common and most challenging grammar questions.
  • Achieve greater results faster. At Speak Spanish You Too, we make learning fun so that you can attain fluency more quickly.
  • How to communicate in Spanish — so that you can understand native speakers and speak fluently and confidently.

5 Ways a Spanish Tutor Can Help You Speak Spanish Fluently

An excellent Spanish tutor does the following things:

1. Tailors every lesson to your needs and focuses on something you struggle with, like speaking.

2. Assess you and meets you where you are to help you succeed.

3. Uses a variety of vocabulary.

4. Explains the grammar very well.

5. Helps you review the basics, practice speaking, and become more confident.

3 Questions You Can Ask When Hiring a Spanish Tutor

So how do you hire the right tutor for you?

1. Native or non-native?

My advice here is simple. It depends. In case the tutor isn’t native, how good is his/her knowledge of both the Spanish and Hispanic cultures? It should be good. Now, given that native speakers already have a vast knowledge of both the language and the culture, what else do they need to be good tutors? Let’s talk about it in the next points.

2. What referrals does he or she have?

So I encourage you to do some research. Find what people are saying on the internet. Some people have got in touch with me because they’ve seen others joining my courses on a Facebook group. Others saw my profile on Superprof. Seeing what other people say about me gives them trust.

3. What credentials does he or she have?

Speaking the language and knowing the culture is one thing. But knowing how to teach is another. Tutors taking formal education to become Spanish instructors show interest in doing an excellent job. They take their job seriously. Teaching Spanish is not a temporary aside income source until they get something better. They have made a conscious decision to become Spanish teachers.

To make sure you get the best tutor you could have, choose one that is great at teaching and an expert on the language and the culture.

So, what are the consequences of not hiring a Spanish tutor?

  1. Terrible results. Many people know a great deal of Spanish after several years of studying the language. However, they still can’t understand native speakers or speak fluently.
  2. Frustration. Most people give up on their Spanish after putting a lot of time, money, and effort into it. They forget the fun part of it and never attain fluency.

With a Spanish tutor, this won’t happen. One-on-one or one-on-two Spanish lessons require you to be active and to speak the language. Every class is a hands-on experience where you improve your Spanish speaking, grammar, and comprehension.