Become Fluent in Spanish

Conversation Classes 🗣️

The conversation flows naturally and we discuss many different things.

Guided Lessons 📋

Get a strong understanding of the language, speak confidently, and share your thoughts in Spanish.

Spanish for Travellers ✈️

Get ready to speak Spanish on your next trip to a Spanish-speaking country.

Conversation Classes

Practice your Spanish at ease in a “safe” environment with a native professional tutor.

✓Real conversations and dialogues ✓ Interesting topics ✓ Effective feedback ✓ Focus on fluency and accuracy ✗ No grammar lessons.

Guided Lessons

Get a strong understanding of the language and speak Spanish confidently.

✓ High-quality learning material  ✓Focus on grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary ✓ Effective feedback ✓ Follow-up.

Spanish for Travellers

Get ready to speak Spanish on your next trip to a Spanish-speaking country.

✓Simple conversations based on real-life settings ✓ High-quality learning material ✓Specific grammar and vocabulary ✓ Effective feedback ✓ Follow-up.

All lessons are personalized

We adapt the classes to your personal learning style, interests, and needs. Helping you build your vocabulary and boost your confidence when speaking Spanish. Even if you’ve never done any online lessons before and think that one-on-one lessons can be slow or awkward.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I pay for an online Spanish tutor?

An excellent online tutor uses proven teaching methods that help you speed up your Spanish learning. A tutor gives you all his/her undivided attention and focus, enables you to clarify doubts, and tailors the lessons to your needs and goals.

Do I need to prepare something for the first free lesson?

Yes. Before getting the first contact in this first free lesson, we will send you an email asking you to fill out an online form. There, you will tell us about your previous experience learning Spanish, your motivation, and your goals. Then we’ll make a non-binding learning plan that suits you and your needs.

How do you find out what my level of Spanish is?

Only in case you’ve studied Spanish before, we’ll ask you to do an online test.

How is a conversation lesson?

We’ll give you some general topics to choose from, like work, free time, or family. Based on your selection, we’ll use a set of questions to make the conversation flow in the most natural and spontaneous possible way. The focus won’t be on grammar or correctness, but rather on making you comfortable speaking Spanish as fluidly as possible.

Who are the conversation lessons for?

The conversation lessons are for students with an intermediate or advanced Spanish level who have little contact with Spanish in their day-to-day life and want to improve their oral expression.

What is a guided lesson like?

A guided lesson includes various tasks and activities aimed at achieving one specific, actionable goal. Every guided lesson focuses on some specific grammar content and a certain number of Spanish words and expressions we’d like you to use confidently.

Who are the guided lessons for?

The guided lessons are for people who want to acquire a strong understanding of Spanish and speak Spanish confidently.

Will my tutor only speak with me in Spanish?

We speak English, Norwegian, and Spanish. If necessary, we’ll use English or Norwegian to make a point clear.

How do I learn Spanish fast?

Besides having lessons with an online tutor and doing some homework independently, you can engage in many fun activities like reading exciting content, listening to music, or watching series. Making the Spanish language be part of your daily life is vital to learn Spanish fast.

Why should I pay for having a conversation or guided lesson with you?

We are confident that we can help you become fluent in Spanish. That’s why we’ve made our service free of risk. If you have a lesson with us and you don’t get 100% satisfied, we insist that you tell us, and we’ll give your money back. Our goal is always to deliver 150% of your money value. However, we’re aware that, as nobody is perfect, neither are we. We make mistakes and benefit from them so that we can steadily increase our services’ value.

In how many months can I expect to become fluent in Spanish?

When it comes to becoming fluent in Spanish, we prefer to talk about hours, not months. It’s impossible to give a fixed answer, as it depends on many factors. Yet, we can have the research of the US Foreign Service Institute as a reference, which says that for an English speaker to reach proficiency in Spanish, he or she needs to dedicate an average of 480 hours of study.

Do I have to do homework or work on my own?

At the end of each lesson, we’ll give you some homework to do on your own. We’ll provide you with feedback on it once you’ve sent it to us.

Can I have a lesson at the weekend?

Yes, as long as there’re available slots, you can book your lessons at your convenience.

How long are the lessons?

Both our conversation and guided lessons are 55 minutes long.

What happens if you have to cancel a lesson?

You can cancel a lesson up to 24 hours before free of charge. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the class.

Why are lessons so expensive?

Most of our work consists of designing lessons that suit your needs and goals, creating high-quality learning material, and providing you with the best possible learning experience. All this requires time and preparation.

Why are lessons so cheap?

We’ve put some systems into place that keep our job run smoothly, so you don’t have to worry about having exhausted teachers.

How do I pay for the lessons?

Our booking system lets you pay with PayPal or with a credit or debit card.

Is it true that I can ask for a refund if I'm not 100% happy with the service?

Yes. We want all our clients to pay for our services happily. If you’re not 100% delighted with a lesson, we insist that you tell us, and we’ll refund your money back for that specific lesson. We’ll only ask you to tell us the reason why you are not happy with us.